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About that dog

Track down a few pictures and some short tales about a willful, exuberant dog whose sweet spirit was indomitable.

Sophie was a Basset-Beagle, a sought-after mélange of dog here in the Carolina Piedmont. To folks who are hip to hounds, I like to say she inherited the best of both breeds. She ate most anything, liked most everyone and would let you do anything to her if you talked sweet. She was an extraordinary example of hybrid vigor and at age 18, still took great pleasure in sunning herself on the front porch after breakfast.

Sophie was that dog and I loved her something fierce.

Sophie 1995 —2012

Sophie 1995 —2012

I’ve called in a couple more well-loved dog friends. Check back to see if I can get them to pay any attention.


4 thoughts on “About that dog

  1. JMalcolm on said:

    Thanks for your comments, folks.

  2. rationalmind on said:

    So, with warm memories of Sophie, that means she must have just come to your house when I met my beloved human companion in your kitchen about 18 years ago. And he, also, will eat almost anything. I am sure you’ve heard the apocryphal tale, true as it can be, of Ruby, the Silkie Terrier and Her Two Vets. Ruby ate way too much pork grease and gravel from under the roasted pig. Our first-responder vet, Dr. Beagle, told us to take her immediately to Greensboro, where Ruby was met by the emergency-care vet, Dr. Bassett. And together, Beagle/Bassett saved her life!

  3. I love the way you write about Sophie in particular.

  4. Steve Gurganus on said:

    When I, a family member, or friend loses a pet, I am often struck at what a large percentage of our lives that we or they shared with that pet. A greater percentage when we are younger (what, maybe 5o% or more); yet still pushing a quarter or even one third of our lives when we get older. Kind of stunning actually. Thanks for sharing.

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