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A troika of Field Spaniels

Left to right: Robbie, Andrew and Cadi

Robbie, Andrew and Cadi

One of these beauties emerged from a sickly, bare-boned rescue dog.


Madonna & Robbie

Neglected and abused, both Madonna and Robbie were scared to death of anything new, anything loud, or anything that moved too quickly.

Madonna was a puppy when she was taken in by a Standard Poodle rescue group. Her soon-to-be rescue mom, still grieving the death of her 13 year old Poodle, kept hoping to find another Standard. In a dream, connecting with her beloved first dog somehow encouraged her to keep searching for a Standard Poodle puppy. The next morning, a quick internet search hit upon this little black Standard Poodle. A flurry of phone calls to the rescue group ensured that they would hold her until she could be retrieved later that day. After an all-day car trip, a skittish five month old dog arrived at her new home in the high desert. She has assumed the name, Madonna, and has settled in to a life in which she tolerates a couple of cats, studies on the horses and adores her Mom.

Robbie still had a few patches of fur on his skeletal frame when he was retrieved from near certain death at a kill shelter. His foster mom drove several hours to pick him up, with every intention of getting him healthy enough to be adopted. He gained weight, now has a beautiful shiny coat and looks like the pure Field Spaniel that he is. But all adoption plans have been cancelled. Robbie is a keeper. He’ll stay right where he is, living the good life with two other Field Spaniels and two good people.


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